A Bouquet Of Oriental Poems

A Bouquet Of Oriental Poems


    It was in the year 1965, my poetry career started. I was travelling in a rainy season of that year, as a lone passenger, in I Class compartment (Old type) from New Delhi to Vijayawada. The moving panorama outside in the ghat section and plains attracted my attention. I wrote the first poem, “A Song of the World” in that running train, which got published in the Souvenir released by the South Indian Cultural Association, Vijayawada. Encouraged by this maiden attempt of mine that came out in print, I realized that there was some kind of hidden talent for poetry in my soul. I tried to bring it out one by one in my subsequent attempts, which were well received in the literary circles, particularly in the most popular websites like the poemhunter.com, kavitanjali.com, hangtide.com, ndtv.com and thepoetsroadhouse.com.

    This is a compilation of my thoughts and experience over a period of more than 40 years, in that I made an attempt to bring out some of the cultural interest of India. The contents thus span a wide range of subjects, such as prayer, religion, children's verses, jokes etc. In fact, these poems have attracted some of the western poetry lovers, who evinced thereafter their keen interest on the Indian culture and tradition. I sincerely hope that readers may find them interesting and thought provoking.

    I am dedicating this compilation to my late illustrious father, Ramachandran, who was the source of inspiration to me from the start of my poetic career. I am also grateful to those learned professors, News Paper Editors, Fellow Poets, and budding students, but for whose encouragement, I would not have come up to this level of performance in this field.

Rajaram Ramachandran,


A Bouquet Of Oriental Poems


Dr. K.S.R.R. Sarma, D.Litt(USA), M.A. (Bihar), M.A. Andhra, B.A.(Econ), B.Ed., B.J., DIF., M.M., Mangalagiri, Andhra Pradesh, India.

   I am indeed happy to go through these poems as they almost usurped my entire attention. The narrative aspect of the poems is indeed fine and graceful. The rhyme scheme is sonorous and melodious. You have a fine flow of imagination and expression. The words are simple and thought provoking. No doubt, if you send your poems to the World University, they will fetch you doctorate. Your ideas are natural.

   “The Balance of Life and Death—the sequence of thought and resulting consequences are thought provoking—each poem embodies poetic talent. The free flow of imagination is really a beautiful thing, I came across. You have taken not only Earth but also Heaven into your theme. The word sound is superb. There is imagery in your writing besides figures of speech. Why can’t you send them to some English magazine which without doubt will provide a space for your poems?

Shri Y. Anandasivaiah, Chief Sub-Editor, “INDIAN EXPRESS”, Daily News Paper

   I have read Sri Rajaram’s poems with interest. His lines on “The Untamable Shrew” reflect his sense of humour. It is laudable that he has chosen short stories (eg. “All in one”) in verse form to create an interest for children. His piece on the Ocean is indicative of his admiration for the creations of the Lord of Universe. In fine, his selection of topics for his work, I believe, will interest various sections of the Society.

A Bud Crushed Under The Foot

Dr.Subhendu Kar (9/22/2006)

   congrats, Rajaramji, I really appreciate your narration of social maladies in poetic form. It is clear cut direction to people & society to make a reforms to need of time. Well penned. please carry on more.

Somehwre Here (6/26/2006)

   Such instances are very common in India. We still haven't grown to accept love marriages. Pitiful indeed. You've done a fantastic job with this poem, it's such a common topic but hardly we address it and that too in a poem. -- Preets

Lucy Burrow (12/6/2005)

    Rajaram, this is a lovely piece - well not the topic, but it shows the futility of wasting a life, and for what? If only mankind could appreciate fellow man, and learn to live alongside him, peacefully, what a more blessed world this would be.............but I don't see it happening, sadly! Well done

Maggie Flanagan-Wilkie (10/14/2005)

   You did an excellent job recreating the news in your piece. thank you for inviting me to take a look at your work.

Ernestine Northover (10/8/2005)

   Nobody sees anyone else's point of view now, without losing their tempers. They only hear their own wants and desires, which is so sad. Life is so precious, and so is love. I always look for the good in people and try not to critisize other peoples intentions or ideas. Why can't we welcome people into our families instead of making a barrier between us. Nice poem with a strong message. Sincerely Ernestine Northover

Poetry Hound (10/8/2005)

   My favorite line is 'And gave the boy a chase hot'


    People have lost their sense of values these days. They are guided by an impulsive, illogical behaviour and ego. Children too are to be blamed. The whole society everywhere is gradually becoming less civilized and more intolerant. People are unable to accept their own follies. How will they ever forgive others'?
Very sad news indeed. A heart-rending true story, We can only pray for divine intervention to prevent such senseless, ruthless killings in future.

A Cow Tells Its Story

Risha Ahmed/9yrs (11/12/2006)

    It is such a beautiful poem. The simplicity bowled me over

Chandan Roy (9/6/2006)

    Sir, This has truly hit the nail. The message is so loud and clear.... yet in words so simple. You are the master here with the talent to juggle with the words and deliver some social cause. We humans could do so much with our lives and if the guide is of your caliber it becomes more and more exciting. I totally agree with the comment of Dr. Celestine Manohar here...... Please never stop your writings your blessings on us....... Chandan

Sandra Fowler (9/1/2006)

    Thomas Carlyle said, 'Let each become all that he was created capable of being.'
A very wise poem, Rajaram. As always, my applause.


    The story of every person's life is much more than that of a poor cow's! There are many things to do in life and achieve but limited time. Its up to us to break new ground and do better things, but if we draw a close circle and keep giving lame excuses for our failures and inabilities, it is sheer stupidity!
   A simple common example that carries a much greater, useful philosophical meaning. well done.

Kee Thampi (9/1/2006)

How many have the courage,
Or, more strength at any age,
To break this stale bondage
That shackles at every stage?

Great message may guide us.

Somehwre Here (9/1/2006)

    There, I've said it time and again, you make 'morals' and 'what to do in life' so interesting. Very well written, the message is clear and the cow example is just perfect. Uncle, you're awesome!


A Day For The Lord

Lissa Black (7/17/2006)

    We are all instruments of the Lord, and i liked how you put how the man was to work for the Lord, not God give the man pleasure, because we are all made to live our lives for Him. It is beautiful! !

Lucy Burrow (12/6/2005)

    This is a wonderful poem, beautiful and spiritual. Thank you for sharing it. It is indeed worthy of much praise.



Faith Elizabeth Brigham (9/23/2005)

   This is indeed one of the most beautiful and masterfully written works I have ever read. Such wonderful imagery, truth and beauty radiate from this poem. Your true inner beauty shines throughout it.

A Driftwood I'm

Anjana Aravind (7/25/2006)

    Your style of writing is unique. I like this poem

Lissa Black (7/17/2006)

    I like the limb, am scared of change, and of leaving all that is familiar, but I know that God will help me through it, and save me, just like the driftwood. Thank you.

Sara Stowell (6/13/2006)

    This is quite the poem! I enjoyed it immensely. I like your style of writing, it's very unique.

Sincerely, Sara Stowell

G. Murdock (12/9/2005)

    A great pastoral symphony of words.

Sandra Fowler (11/21/2005)

    Your poetry has wit, wisdom, charm and warmth. You are a keen observer of life. I appreciate your work.

Mary Nagy (9/3/2005)

   Wonderful story and great message

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Mary Das (11/19/2006)

    It's nice story poem.

A Golden Cage

Sandra Fowler (5/22/2006)

   A very wise and insightful poem written with beauty and great depth. Ten without hesitation.

Adam Zank (9/9/2005)

    Very good. I find it difficult to express how this poem brings out my response, as I have difficulty expressing my response. Do you know what I mean? I like it, and look forward to reading other poems you've written. Thanks!

A Lesson To Ponder Over

Sandra Fowler (7/23/2006)

   What an enchanting story poem! My applause for this one, Rajaram.

Brian Routh (12/4/2005)

   wonderfully wonderful!

A Melodrama In A T.V. Channel

Chandan Roy (9/4/2006)

    Sir...... This is indeed a poem of the master. Excellently designed like the film which grows on you frame by frame, stanza by stanza! The tempo that grows gradually to the height of the jungle movements is built up with so much of fire that one can actually pictures the entire scene. I think you are the finest amongst all of us here.

Somehwre Here (9/1/2006)

   You won't believe the scene that you've described in this poem is exactly what I saw on Nat Geo. Coincidence? I agree, its sad that some lives have to bow out, but its a must for ecological balance and growth of and evolution of living beings. Very well written. -- Preets


   Hunger can be truly maddening. Hunger makes some beasts unusually canny and vile. Crocodiles too have to live.And certainly, they can't live by eating fish! I fully agree that lives must be given up to allow other lives to go on sad but true! Good poem. -- Dr John Celes

Sandra Fowler (9/1/2006)

    What a sad truth has been expressed here. Very thought provoking poem.

A Mother's Wings

Elya Thorn (2/9/2006)

   Oh, this is so much more than I can bare, so beautiful, so great! Imagery is amazing, the use of words wonderful, a great poem!

Kee Thampi (2/8/2006)

    That allows its bondage seldom Broken into a blood of freedom.
We fight for free mind

A Pair Of Points

Somehwre Here (8/11/2006)

   Hmm...you are so right. This world is full of pairs. Loved the concept of the poem!

A Pleasure In The Pain

Prasanna Kumari (9/19/2006)

   Your words have powerfully brought out the sacrifice and pleasure of motherhood,
and it flows with rhyme like the endless love of mothers. Thanks a lot for writing this

Prabu ram (9/4/2006)

   Wow! You have very beautifully captured the divine phase of motherhood in all its colors. Indeed mother is God on earth! In her we find peace, happiness and comfort both when inside her womb and outside as a child. What a feel it is to think of her even!

A Recipe For A Good Destiny

Rehana Mohammadi (10/3/2005)

   I read your poem really it is very nice...I thought I also right poems like you.

A Song Of The World

Richard Stilwell (9/28/2005)

   Such truth... this is excellent!

A Stone's Confession

Cyclopseven R (12/16/2006)

   Truth is truly wonderful especially if it comes through meaningful verses such as these. Great poem.

Sandra Fowler (1/12/2006)

   This is an excellent story poem. It is rich in imagination and filled with truth. I like it very much.

A Story Of Funny Students

Somehwre Here (6/26/2006)

   Oh My God, this one completely cracked me up. Humor well captured in this poem!
You've got variety. Will definitely read more from your collection of poems – Preets

A Tear For A Bird

Simone Inez Harriman (9/21/2005)

   This saddened me reading this poem. I could really relate to your pen here as I do love birds and can understand your words. Thank you Rajaram.

To me the death of a bird,
Ushers a touch of gloom in that word,
A depressed sense of sorrow,
Deep in my heart o'er a sparrow

A Timetable For A Life

Mary Das (12/14/2006)

    This will keep everyone alert.

Cyclopseven R (12/11/2006)

   Hope this work will send the wheel of reminder rolling for all (including me) that every seconds worth our breathes.

Sandra Fowler (12/11/2006)

   What an amazing mind you have! Time goes so swiftly that it behooves us to spend each moment we are given both wisely and well. Excellent write, Rajaram.

All Are Equal In A Country

Sandra Fowler (7/26/2006)

   Respect for all life is clearly displayed in this profound poem, Excellent write.

All For Good

Rehana Mohammadi (9/6/2005)

   Hello well I read your poem it is good....

An Universal Religion

Charles Garcia (6/13/2006)

   Rajaram: This is a great post. I am a strong believer that we live in one world, therefore what is wrong with one people one world, one God. I just discovered you postings and will begin reading, (put you on my favorite list} I too am a youngster, just writing poetry for little over 3 years since I discovered poetry and poem hunter my life has been so fulfilled as I discover there is no fences on the internet
ah! yes will be 82 in October 2006 Sandra Fowler my favorite list and I respect her judgment. A pleasure for you to read I think my best work a Haiku called Another Sunset – Charles

Between The Devil and The Deep Sea

Sandra Fowler (11/17/2006)

   The sweet taste of hope in the midst of great peril. Life paints many shadows, but we know that there cannot be shadows without light. Your message is inspiring. May the dawn come soon for all those who have to struggle in the night. Your compassion becomes you.

Black Or White, The Blood Is Red

The Sleeper (7/19/2006)

   I thank you for the comment you left me, you should read the follow up' God's reply', hmm just a suggestion, but this piece is amazing, you took the racial issues towards nature, and I love how you did it, everything flowed from one to another, a very powerful piece indeed.

Joe Breunig (5/30/2006)

   You've expressed a wonderful sentiment; in my poem, 'Heavenly Invitation', I've touched upon a similar theme in a more subtle way. Paying particular attention to the last stanza, one might realize that regardless of race, the color of our palms are basically the same color. Nice job.

Mary Nagy (9/3/2005)

   I love this poem Rajaram! Such a wonderful message here. I completely agree with you, the different colors of people (there are many more than just black/white) make this world interesting and beautiful. I wish more people felt as you do.

Cancer, The Killer Disease

Charles Garcia (6/13/2006)

   I give you a big 10 I suffered cancer many 30 years ago God decided to spare me. I have been in complete remission all these years. Thanks for bringing to our attention

God Is The Real Owner

Somehwre Here (7/24/2006)

   Wise words from an experienced man! Very well written ~ Preets

Sandra Fowler (7/23/2006)

   Words of rare wisdom from the pen of Rajaram Ramachandran. I like this one very much.

How Humble One Should Be?

Joe Breunig (5/30/2006)

   An interesting and intriguing write; it seems, that there's no humility being demonstrated these days. Nice job.

Richard Stilwell (9/28/2005)

   Well said and I learned something...thank you. Rick

Hunger, The Pang

Mary Nagy (9/3/2005)

   You have such heart-warming messages in many of your poems. You truly must be a wonderfully kind man. I am glad to have found your poems.

Is Religion Necessary?

Joe Breunig (5/30/2006)

   One may argue that religion is not necessary, but a personal relationship with God is. Loved the poem's title - it really caught my attention; a very enjoyable piece.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Somehwre Here (7/1/2006)

   Another wonderful poem! Yes, why go buy an apple when laughs can keep you fit! Preets

Might is right

Chandan Roy (8/28/2006)

   I was wondering for sometime... browsing the titles of your poems and waiting for my mind to decide which should I read... then thought 'Might is right' could be a good read... I am here and much surprised with the contents.... here is such a beautifully carved piece... I just would like to join Sandra here and appreciate the goodness that you have created around us.....

Sandra Fowler (3/15/2006)

   The light of reason, the language of wisdom. To be at peace with God is to be at peace with the universe He has created. Wonderful poem.

My Juhu Beach Walk

Sandra Fowler (7/23/2006)

   A fine word painting created in your own unique style. Lovely work, Rajaram.

No Loss No Gain

Erhard Hans Josef Lang (8/21/2006)

    The message of this wonderfully composed poem can bring the most precious insight into how to best handle one's welfare in life, inasmuch a truly divine poem

Parable Of The Prodigal Son

Sandra Fowler (7/26/2006)

   The love of God before we human beings must always stand amazed. Beautiful retelling of an ageless parable.

Peace Be With You (Latin-Pax Vobiscum)

Falease Anderson (5/12/2006)

   Love, love, love, love, love it! ! ! ! ! My sentiments exactly. Oh if the world read this piece, they would stop their empty journeys to find peace.

Religion In The Eyes Of A Dove

Sandra Fowler (1/15/2006)

   This is a lovely story poem. It has music as well as meaning.

Seed First Or Tree First

Somehwre Here (8/19/2006)

   He/She the creator? He asks us for nothing, but just to be the best we can.
Sir, I truly appreciate your poems. They breathe experience!

Something we’re sure to miss

Eila Mahima Jaipaul (12/10/2006)

   what an insightful poem, so well written. Thank you for posting it. - Eila

Sandra Fowler (12/9/2006)

   What an excellent story. This miser king received poetic justice that was well deserved. Another eloquent and very wise penning from Rajaram Ramachandran. If you listen very closely, in the distance you will hear my warm applause.

The Best Smile

Cyclopseven R (12/22/2006)

   Very true indeed. Smile is the easiest thing that man always try to do by hardest means.

Somehwre Here (8/28/2006)

   You are so right Uncle! (That sounds like an Indian address, hai na?)
Thanks for recommending this poem to me, indeed a child's smile is pure, untainted by artificiality. well written as always! -- Preets.

The Division Of Labor

Somehwre Here (8/28/2006)

Each one has to play his part
For the social upkeep in tact,
To promote a nation's welfare,
Or to keep away from warfare

The main point of the poem. Sir, I loved how you used examples to get across your point! – Preets

The Foolish Speaking English

Somehwre Here (9/17/2006)

   How come I never read this one before? It was hilarious....!Preets

Vikram Aarella (5/3/2006)

   Hehe hehe, that’s why use your mother tongue

Mary Nagy (9/3/2005)

   Great story here Rajaram. Very nice. Sincerely, Mary

The Foster Mother's Love

Nimal Dunuhinga (8/9/2006)

   Excellent Rajaram! Mother is the greatest on earth.........the only weakness I see is the unlimited love. I grab this poem from my heart.

Aashish Ameya (9/13/2005)
What else I can call it other then simply superb, full of universal truth.

The Hearts Of America And The Soul Of India

Elizzzzza Beck (7/19/2006)

   I appreciate your mention of Swami Vivekananda. He was such a heart warming blessing in his day. I knew him more for his British influence but he reached around the world. You made me laugh when you associated 'beep beep' with America because there is no sound more than the honking of cars that will forever have Asian associations for me! Never anywhere in the world have I seen people blasting there horns all day long, person after person where ever they go or sit. Always enjoy hearing of Indian perspectives. Thank you for sharing your poem. Namaste, eliza

The Life Of Jesus Christ

Mary Das (10/27/2006)

   It's a good write up. This is the truth. I love it.

Joe Breunig (5/30/2006)

   An enjoyable and epic write; loved the strong (and truthful) ending!

The Life Of Shiridi Sai Baba

Mary Das (10/27/2006)

   He is all in one. It's a beautiful write up.

The Tears Of Pearl And Silk

Nagamuthu Osho (8/3/2005)

   Respected Savant Poet, The glorious, pious and astonishing words of the Poet,
Wherever your words spin and spontaneous with ardent silent;
With immaculate sapphire, zephyr of philosophical solace:
Rare soul will coalesce and solace to heart like You in Grace.
Hail! To Poet! God Bless you,

Yours sincerely,

N.Karthikeyan Osho

The Tears wasted

Chandan Roy (8/11/2006)

   The Tears Wasted! Never will be again. This goes to all the husbands.... STAND UP & APPLAUD!!! And the wives should be thankful to the poet for relating to their thoughts and turning their tears into words. This is an astounding piece of work. Truly amazing. The social message is so silently delivered; only a master of the language could do such justice with the language.

Aashish Ameya (9/11/2005)

   good poem, though here husband is scienctist, but it's true for most of the hubbies who are living in metros and working hard for money. and lost simple but beautiful moments of life.

What Is In A Profession?

Somehwre Here (8/14/2006)

   Lovely twist in the tale! You are a poem whose more of a story-teller. Love that quality of yours! -- Preets

What Is Love?

Mary Das (10/31/2006)

   Dear sir, it's a beautiful poem. I love it.

What remains one’s own?

Sandra Fowler (11/12/2006)

   The soul of the selfless Queen lights the last lines of this profound and beautiful poem. Very powerful message, Rajaram. The life that is lived without a soul is really no life at all.

Which is more valuable?

Sandra Fowler (1/22/2006)

   A poem that has great moral value. Those who go into the darkness to mine coal have a special kind of dignity and bravery. My grandfather began to be a coal miner when he was only twelve years old. Even though his back was bent from a slate fall, he loved the mines until the day God took him home. Thank you for writing this fine piece.

Solomon Brook (1/21/2006)

   Wow. I simply loved this poem it is excellently executed. Love the play

Why You've Fear When I'm Here?

Mary Das (10/27/2006)

   I love this poem. I feel better after reading this poem.


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    My involvement with poetry-writing, that has been dear to me, is almost for forty years by now – writing poems for children on a variety of topics and for elders on matters religious. I am happy to state that these have generally been well received by poetry-lovers. I am gratified by the encouragement given to me by the various websites...



    The great Mahabharata War is supposed to have taken place in the year 3139 BC at Kurukshetra, India, according to one set of research sholars. Another set placed it between 950 BC and 1500 BC. It is the biggest classic ever composed by humanity, several times more than the Illiad and the Odyssey of the Poet Homer.


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